Monday, October 31, 2011

Post Diwali Blues..

Lots of things happening all of a Sudden.overwhelmed and Exhausted.Had this weird idea of penning down a short story,I have even started here in this blog itself,will try to post it after I have given the final touch.As of now I even donot know what would be the end.
Life has indeed taken a turn in a very unexpected but pleasant way..My Carter road place is just the place to be in..Lots of fun and Lots of good vibes.And yes I am in awe of my flatmate.She is just a super-woman I think..anyway I donot know how things will move ahead but as of now I am loving the walks around sea side ,those make up sessions and my cooking experiments.Sunday went by trying to give proper finish to Salad and getting invited by one of the Neighbour's who is going to Pattaya.He even gifted us earrings as gift,All thanks to bubbling enthusiasm,I actually love everything around me and quite enjoy it too..Theres a shadow of gloom lurking  but I have learnt it the hard way Nobody -Trust me Nobody would really wipe your tears....Life has all the components in it and yes The Onus is on  me how to cope up!
In a good way or the bad way I am somehow Struggling with my bad times......Infact Nothing lies ahead of me but Still I am loving my rounds of Shopping spree....
Infact there are lots of posts which I am yet to post.From Sunday Salad to Friday Shopping,From Bagel shops experience to buying grocery in Pali Naka...From the recipe of Malwani chicken to Lots of Desi ghees Mithais,I am yet to post lots of stuffs that happened  recently..
Now In office and Juggling with Post Diwali Blues,Yes After Five Short days of Vacation Being back on workstation Sucks Big time !

Monday, October 24, 2011

Love ! Sonal and Rahul


Bright sunny morning. Alarm buzzing.
Not again. Another Monday back to work.
Getting ready eating nothing she always gets late however early she tries to wake up.
Six months of a boring routine job in a multinational firm
She hated that job,yet somehow she coped
She always did manage to pull through. That was her.
Independent yet too emotional not that she cries at the drop of hanky.
But then she really is somewhat reactive well passionate about each and every stuff,more than ready to give a helping hand and a very dependable person.
Sometimes due to this habit of hers she has even worked overtime without any monetary benefits.
That is the corporate world where friendship/ people don’t count .it took her Six months to realize this.

Things have started being normal otherwise her initial months had been a night mare
Though she managed to live alone first time separated by her family, well thrown out.
She had to cut her ties off her parents. Yeah they resented her job and here she was but then.
She never did look back
This was what she had always wanted...and much more eventually she's been working quite hard .Struggling to meet her end's meet!


Magazine publisher Rahul lived life in the fast lane, slowing down only to savor the finer things in life, like good Scotch and hot women. 
Today,Monday He would be taking over this new assignment that is relocating to India. He was being called from New York where he has his base as his father had just suffered another stroke.
Rahul preferred States to India but this time he simply can’t refuse and one of the good reason was but obvious few months of space from Olivia his fiancée.
Olivia was his fiancée as well as his business partner in the Magazine which he had started on his own.
Though like a normal son he was expected to step into the shoes of his father but Rahul was always a rebel.
Rahul’s car stopped at the crossing and just like a flash of lightning he saw her...
Sonal was sitting by the window .She always preferred  looking outside just skimming the whole city as her Volvo passed the Mumbai Streets lost in her own world, headphone plugged to her ears, Music thrumming down her veins

Her gaze rose, taking in the impeccable Italian suit, the crisp white shirt, the extravagantly wide shoulders, the smooth, tan skin…and finally stared up into Rahul’s cool gaze.
There was certainly nothing appealing in his eyes now!
Sonal and Rahul just kept staring at each other. Signal went green and car drove away in a lightning speed.
Now what was that!!
Sonal felt a jolt of electric spark that stranger’s gaze has just ignited
It was not like her but still His eyes had that look it was just so unforgettable
She would never forget this encounter!!
His eyes has been etched in her heart..

With Love.......

I write this to you with Love........
To Whomsoever It may Concern-Yeah I donot know your Name.You Exist as I exist,You are somehwere Down there Too Wondering the Same thing as I end up wondering each time Festivals are around the corner,No Not Really I end up thinking about you when It rains... When I see Moon shining brightly and the clouds playing hide and seek ...When I miss being with someone,When I am Me...I miss cuddling next to you...Like I missed you Last Night When All of a sudden I was woken up by a bad Nightmare,I was crying and you were Not there to wipe My tears,I know you didnot know.How would you..We donot even know each other..
Its just that I know You....
Its just that Deep in My heart theres a Believe and this Believe makes me Write this Crazy post ........
Anyway Am actually Weird ,Given I have got this Incomplete Story to Complete...............Alishaa-Thats What I have Decided to Name Her,and Sid-Siddharth -Somethings Going on Between them and They Even Donot Know----------So Here I am posting the Short story Series--------

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Every Now and then I find my Inbox filled with Wedding Invitees..My Facebook Home page filled with updates Like "Countdown Begins..." or Now " He /She is engaged/Married to ..." Well to cut  it Short,Several people I know Are getting hitched ,are either engaged or going to be...Not that I am Complaining,I am Perfectly happy basking in the glory of my single status and yeah Kind of enjoying all the Attentions :P
Anyway Though am single and not even willing to Mingle ;) Given I am a piscean So kind of dreamer and over imaginative,I can't help think/dream about my near future Wedding ..that
near future might be 5 light years away
Not that I am worried..I still believe Once in awhile, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.and May be Someday I too will have that Love 

As of Now Its just a vague hazy sketch with me that what if I get married,Though I want to 

get married in a typical traditional Indian way but then I cannot help but dream of a  typical 

Bahamas/Beach Wedding..That awe-inspiring exquisiteness, striking lavishness and romantic charm 
Somewhere deep in my heart I want to be wedded like a Polynesian Princess or Somewhere like the Pantheon in Rome or floating across above the canals of Venice or  over the water bungalows hovering above outrageously beautiful coral reefs
making my special day magical. 

Well Well....Its just a stupid Fancy of mine...As Right Now am reading a mystery Novel set in Venice So blame it on the Book :P

But yeah Anyday Nothing Like an Indian Wedding with red Lehenga ,Heavy gold Jewellery and a Typical Baraat :)

"Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose
beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity."

Thursday, October 6, 2011


 Narcissus was a handsome Greek youth who had never seen his reflection, but because of a prediction by an Oracle, looked in a pool of water and saw his reflection for the first time. The nymph Echo--who had been punished by Hera for gossiping and cursed to forever have the last word—had seen Narcissus walking through the forest and wanted to talk to him, but, because of her curse, she wasn't able to speak first. As Narcissus was walking along, he got thirsty and stopped to take a drink; it was then he saw his reflection for the first time, and, not knowing any better, started talking to it. Echo, who had been following him, then started repeating the last thing he said back. Not knowing about reflections, Narcissus thought his reflection was speaking to him. Unable to consummate his love, Narcissus pined away at the pool and changed into the flower that bears his name, the narcissus.
( A Greek Myth)

P.S :I am not referring to the disorder but to the meaning of the word in general
Narcissism ..this word may be and well is used in negative context.But what remains is that Is Being Selfish that bad?
We are alive.Its our Life then why care for others
Selfishness Or Egoism every where is used in portraying  the Person's worst characteristics since time immemorial.
I have been several time been accused of siding with this line of thought but To my small unintellectual mind it doesnot makes sense.
As to Accepting the normal thinking ,Well generally I never go along by what others have to say or other's opinion.
I am a bit or very much into this school of thought that things which appear sensible to me my mind is the thing I believe in whether My actions or My behavior .
They are not dependent on Society's norm
Its all in My Mind and I tend to stick to it.
Well Am again sidetracking from my topic that of Narcissism..Here I would like to quote the definition from Wikipedia Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism denoting vanityconceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others.
 Theres a Lot More to it..But What Am concerned is that the definition itself contains few of my favorite words..such as Elitism ...Well Whats wrong in being "Elite".!!!
And why the hell be I bothered to the plight of the others.I am an honest citizen.I pay my taxes.I hard earn my salary and am a valuable member of Society.
My only concern is "I"...
Well I dont believe in idea of collective society as I strongly believe its hindrance to ones own mental and moral developments.Growth as an individual will be hampered and Yes!! Ofcourse How can I forget my favorite lines from My favorite books,my bible  the Atlas Shrugged
"I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine."
Anyway...Ayn Rand 's work are complete masterpiece and no need to say reflects the most correct and apt judgments of Human nature.
I was reading Freud then I came across the three terms which he has used mostly ID,EGO,SUPEREGO.
In reference to them he has detailed his further analysis.
Again the thoughts expressed are completely in sync with the general most common trait of human nature.
Sigmund Freud's earlier work also include a clinical description of Narcissism in his book 'An introduction to Narcissism' which one can say is also a milestone in his career.I have not read that book but Going by Sigmund Freud's approach I can well say that the Psycho Analysis on Narcissism would be just as wonderful as his other books have been..My favorites being Civilization and Its Discontent and the Interpretation of Dreams.
Anyway All about Authors and their line of thought But In more simple language...I think that Healthy Narcissism is not negative and Ego is the real realization of one's own true self.
One should be well aware of what he is and where his stands lie.The only Moral purpose of one's life is attainment of Happiness which is also very rare.
We tend to be influenced by external temperaments resulting in loosing one's own core values and one's own real purpose
Self-Realization is the most integral part and Should be done in order to live the life..
In order to be truly Alive that is..

Only Mine :*

A Love like ours
Hard to find,Difficult to Define…
A feeling so real ,so tender …..So Sublime…
Crusade against the Time…
It’s a sin and a crime…
But yet the Deliriousness…like the music in the air that of a wind chime…
A Love like ours
Hard to find,Difficult to Define…
In its raw state No need to refine..
Emotions unrestricted..Needless to Confine….
Intoxicating and Delicious Tastes Like a Vintage Wine….
Your smile Brightens My day..yes Honey you are My SunShine…
Going Against All the Norms …All I can Say that you are all I have…You are Only Mine