Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thinking Beyond

"Mediocrity and anonymity are the safest choice".

 If you opt for them, you’ll never face any major problems in life. But if you try to be different,Hell breaks loose.and it is  relevant in every sphere of our Life
Seldom people dare to think beyond hence they accept and compromise but what if we donot compromise.

Infact we live in a traditional country which believes in being safe,playing safe be it the economy,be it the investments and be it the government,Well am not to keen to write about the socio economic culture about India neither do I have any grudges against my Government.Being an honest income tax payee citizen I do understand what are my rights and what are my duties .

But well nothing is relevant,it was just that I have a dream like many other people have.So there is no much difference yes the only twist is that I am currently not working anywhere ,yes its so wonderful finally to realise life doesnt revolve around outlook,organisers,spreadsheets and powerpoints.ATL,BTL,Even TTL are History now.
I am free to spend my night dreaming without thinking at the back of my mind what my next day meeting would go with so and so,without checking again and again that when the target will be achieved  .
Irrelevant targets and Irrelevant work,I actually felt as if I am just wasting my skills,my brains behind something which is anyways a piece of nonsense designed by some bored rich business man to fool the common man! Now I have nothing against my previous employers,its just that how relaxed I feel.How happy I am these days.
So what I get continous calls from way back home by my worried mother that what her daughter is doing..! Well to make her understand is something I cannot.
Finally having everything in place is a tough task but I know Now there has come a "Fullstop" stage in my life where I am slowly but steadily working towards my destination.
Thinking Beyond and ahead lies the path towards my dreams.